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2011In the company introduced from abroadEight heavy red branches hang sakuraThe new varieties,This variety has the first leaf after flowering、Double red flowers、Large amount of flowering、Life is long、The advantages of was strong,And the potential and easy magnificent tree,Branches such as fine willow,Handsome flowers,View the tree,Foliage。Because of its long service life,Such as weeping willow after flowering,So solve the willow short life without the problem of alternative varieties,Prospect is good。

At present, the company has the batch began to breed,Is expected2015Years can provide3-8CentimetersEngineering seedlings10000Strains,Seedlings30000Strains,Branch point1.5MTo the2.5MRange,To fill the domestic city parks、Scenic Banks of the river、High-grade villas、The variety of ecological sightseeing park high grade green blank,2015At the end of the year in the same period began to go on sale。

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