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    Microcomputer five prevention

    Perfect“Five”Function:Forced closure,Don't go empty program。
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    Distribution box

    Products are measured、Voltage detection、Power distribution control、Reactive power dynamic compensation and lightning protection、The flow、Short circuit protection, and other functions。
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    Reactive power compensation

    To provide the power quality、Saving energy and reducing consumption、Improve equipment utilization、Ensure the safe and stable operation of power grid。
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    Other series

    The company's products mature technology,The craft is advanced,Raw materials and strict set of parts management,Technical parameters is better than the national standard requirements。

Technology research and development

And the north China electric power university、China electric power research institute and other units to establish a long-term relations of cooperation,To participate inIECA number of standard writing and research

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Nanyang sichuan light intelligent electric co., LTD is a professional engaged in electric power system automation complete set of product research and development and industrial security、Manufacturing、Sales...

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Company believes that enterprise is an important part of the society,We are committed to work together with employees and the local community to improve the working people and the quality of life

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WSTo prevent electrical wrong operation system with microcomputer for by state grid corporation type testing of the electric power research institute
In the near future,WSTo prevent electrical wrong operation system with microcomputer for by state grid corporation type testing of the electric power research institute,Test report number:DZ141168;At the same time was awarded the power automation products registered type test of inspection certificate,Numbers for:DBA14537。  This not only marks the company research and development ability increase gradually,More conducive to the company five the exploration and development of the product market,Also is to enlarge the market share of microcomputer five against the products of the company to provide the power。Company will further improve the research and development work in the future,To speed up the product market development,Make new contributions to the development of power system。
Intelligent low-voltage distribution box company(JPType)3CThe certificate
In recent days,The company produces the intelligent low voltage distribution box(JPType)Through the national mandatory product smoothly“3C”Certification,And won“3C”Authentication certificate,Nanyang sichuan light power technology co., LTD. A second that originally made companies across the country。  This second“3C”Certification of pass,Marks the company has to the masses of users to provide more secure、Reliable products,Power a device also marks the company constantly improve the innovation ability of the core technologies,Intelligent distribution box products market sales for the company“Pass”,Also is to enlarge the market share of company power products provides the help。In the future,The company
Congratulations to my company in China petrochemical qualified suppliers
In recent days,Nanyang light intelligent electric co., LTD. Sichuan success by sinopec group supplier qualification audit,Joined the sinopec supplier network,Become one of China's petrochemical e-commerce materials procurement network centralized procurement suppliers。The success to join China's petrochemical supplier network,On the one hand is sinopec company strength and quality of the product to me,On the other hand,Also for my company's long-term development in the future,To provide a good platform to show themselves。  After the net,My company will be able by sinopec supplies procurement e-commerce sites for quotation、Bidding、The bid、The query of the contract、Process control、Information such as online operations,
Let me“Hard work、Clean”Work become the norm
In order to strengthen the middle management and supervision and heavy post personnel,Strengthen leadership and heavy post personnel incorrupt self-discipline consciousness,Strictly implement the responsibility system for a pair of responsibilities and style of the cultivation of clean government,According to the requirement of the group company check list rectification work,Since my company3Since the middle of month,Was carried out2017Years《Clean from pledge》The sign of work,Is now leading cadres at all levels and the company、Turn off the heavy post personnel altogether24People signed letter of commitment。  Signed by the party branch company is working as an opportunity,Development train of thought、Innovation forms,The honest cultural construction into the enterprise culture construction overall plan,Become a corporate culture“The core

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